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We May Live in Many Worlds at Once

( Angela here.." I have included a bunch of apparent Parelel Universe experiences & facts on this matter".. Let me know your thoughts on this.)

Is our universe just one of many? Are some of these almost identical to ours? Scientists think this may be true and they have now created a test to investigate this theory (and if it is true, it would explain a lot of the things that are going on all around us!)

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"I find this very interesting'.." Since no one seems to know much about this theory!

Is this proof of parallel universes?

John Sefick continues his experiments at Chaco Canyon New Mexico.

Time traveler caught on tape saving someone dead in parallel universe or alternate dimension?

Amazing video possibly showing a time travel with person entering our dimension and saving a person from a traffic accident! Is this a visitor from our future or another parallel world in a different timeline? Is it a spirit or ghost, maybe an angel manifesting from the beyond?

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((-First of all.. Let me say'.. The video below really intrigued me to no end. What if it is possible to meet ourselves?))

Time Traveler with CELL PHONE PROOF!!

Man claims that he traveled to future, and met himself there and took a cell phone video,,WOW..this is just weird...WHAT DO U THINK?!...

I have met myself in the future!!

Hi, my name is Håkan. I have met my myself in the future. It´s true! This movie is proving it recorded with my mobile phone. Read more about me and my story at:

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