Animals Have Human Emotions .. In sweet memory to all of my babies..

I love animals..
In loving memory to my sweet angel.. Clair.

And I also love Horses. ;) Many animals.

Foxy Lady.. awe' Isn't she adorable.

Leo & Heidi :) My big babies.

Soldier Boy 'Miniature horse. He was the hardest one to handle. lol ;) He loved to mug me of the carrots n apples.

Sassy overlooking my first garden'.. :)

My sweet black Lab Magnum.. He saved a boy from drowning in a river.. after a flood. He was on Tv. Hero
I gave him away to this woman and her son. Since we moved in town. I had to many dogs. She really wanted him. I had a good feeling that he was placed in the right home. Since he loved water and would be by the river. Too bad he didn't obey well. He did for me. They did re name him to Jake.. He is use to being Magnum..At least he saved her son's life.Perhaps he missed us.. why he didn't obey them well enough.
I raised him from a pup. I miss him. "I"m so proud of him" Mag's a good boy! :)

In sweet memory of all my babies.. Joe' & Clair bear. Brother & Sister. I felt very safe at night w them guarding the house. ;)

They had there own sofa. :))
I miss them all.
I've been riding horses since I was 7yrs old. Trained them.. Was a tour guide in the cities .. Best job ever! ;) Getting paid to ride horse is amazing! I trained the meanest stud they had. His name was Trotter. He about killed me. In the end he went to a sweet little girl. I trained him so well he ended up loving children. He misunderstood people. Someone mistreated him in the past. They told me if I couldn't train him, he'd go to the slotter house. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of him. I train without a saddle or bridle in the beginning.. Gaining there trust is a must! And working slow. A farmer drove up to my place in utter shock! He told me that his horses would escape any chance they got. When he drove by my place and notice my fence went down. They never left the white ribbon on the ground. ;) He said how the hell did you do that? I said why would they leave? I give them Oats, carrots, apples 3 times a day! And all the freedom they could want. There last owners kept them in a small pen. And used whips on them. They obviously knew what they had. I believe in giving all animals freedom.. especially horses. Never try to break their spirit!

I let them roam through t the land. I only locked them up during thunder storms.

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